Wrangling Creativity: one day at a time

  • Earth Wheel Mandala

    There are various New Age products I have seen that call themselves “earth wheels,” and basically they show you the change of the seasons.  They are fun and colorful, and tap into the seasonal cycles. This my version, the Earth Wheel Mandala. It has colors reminiscent of earth, sky and things that look like flowers, […]

  • Mother-of-Pearl Mandala

    Mother of pearl is also called “nacre,” it’s that lovely, satiny-looking stuff that is on the inside of some shells. I have seen it used a lot: to embellish jewelery, clocks, musical instruments—you name it, usually done as an elaborate inlay technique. I knew a luthier who made his own stringed musical instruments, and often […]

  • Chinese Cloisonné Mandala

    First you have to know what cloisonné is. I try to describe that information below.  Cloisonné colors are bright, saturated and gorgeous. Some of the best work of this sort has been done in China. When this mandala came out the way it did, Chinese Cloisonné Mandala was the only thing that seemed appropriate as […]

  • Snowflake Mandala

    This probably wound have been better published in December through maybe the end of February, but I just did this recently. And posting it after Spring Blossom Mandala and Ring of Fire Mandala kind of shows a range.   Snowflakes are beautiful things. Now two are alike… yadda, yadda, yadda. You know all that stuff […]

  • Ring of Fire Mandala

    Johnny Cash is someone whose music I did not appreciate while growing up. Both my mother and father loved his music and he did have a voice like no one else.  In our house it was all about Country & Western Music, the classics Hank Williams, Hank Snow, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and so on. […]

  • Spring Blossom Mandala

    I do love it when all the trees, shrubs and Spring flowers come out after a long, cold Winter. Even with the pollen and my allergies, it is still my favorite time of year.  This pattern came about through a purely random experiment as did the color scheme. Again, I prefer more-saturated color schemes and […]

  • Inside-a-Nautilus Mandala

    One of the most beautiful natural forms to me is the interior of Nautilus Shell. A simple spiral has both movement and perfection of form, and is complex despite the its easily discernible geometry. It shows the growth of the animal that grew within it, turn by turn. This particular mandala is one of my […]

  • Ribbons are for Rembrance Mandala

    Around different holidays, especially patriotic ones, you will see these swags done up with the American flag and ribbons of different kinds are used to honor fallen soldiers. We remember ribbons that are tied around special gifts we give or get. Ribbons are tied around prom flowers, wedding and funeral flowers.  Ribbons are about embellishment, […]

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I am notorious for starting my own projects and not finishing them. When I work for other people, this doesn’t happen. I finish my projects on time, or even ahead of time in some instances. I hate disappointing other people, but don’t apparently seem to mind disappointing myself.  This blog and its contents are an attempt to get me to finish projects, or develop content/ideas for new ones. I really would like to see at least one of the 8-10 novels I have started reach completion at some point.  I have failed at NaNoWriMo twice, though I did get two different novels started and got about 20,000 words in each case. I just can’t write that fast…"WIAWOST."  That acronym translates as "Writing is a way of slow torture."

I write and I do graphic art professionally, primarily book design.  Writing is my greatest love and my greatest agony. I once belonged to the Devil’s Workshop at MIT, and we had a saying,  It can also be a source of great delight and satisfaction, when it goes right or if  it goes at all. The moment when you achieve that flow and the work is almost creating itself is magic. Yeah, you’ve heard that before—but experiencing it is something very powerful.

Creativity isn’t really the issue for me, it never has been.  I get ideas from everything. Note: that doesn’t mean they are all great or even good ideas all the time.  However, wrangling or taking charge and herding all those creative ideas into a finished project is what I am going to attempt here.  Even if this means all that I get done is a piece of flash fiction, a writing exercise or once in awhile—a piece of art.  All my artwork is currently digital, but I am hoping as a result of  my efforts here to try and do some things in traditional media once again—break out the watercolors, scissors and whatever else is on hand and do something.

This is about balance for me as much as it is about anything else. Doing for others is great and there is much satisfaction in these activities, but you also have to do something for yourself and something that is only for yourself every so often.  I have this void that I haven’t done this, and haven’t done it in years. So if anyone reading this gets something out of it or enjoys something I am doing—then great!  But that is not my goal in doing this site. It is so that I can actually see and quantify for myself that I have done what I wanted, enjoyed the projects, and achieve the balance I am so desperately in need of finding.