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Mandalas: an obsession

What is a mandala?

From the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

  1. A geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.
  2. Such a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness.

It is a circular design, with rays and designs coming out of the circle. Kaleidoscopes make mandalas in their center images.

Copper Heart: full viewI have played with these for a long time and have done more than I care to admit.  Every one is different, even when I used the same drawing as source material. I do abstract sketches on my iPad and then proceed to make the mandalas from those sketches.  Yes, I use Adobe Photoshop. Note all of these are mine from start to finish, so if you want to use one for whatever purpose just send me a note.

Not sure if these would make good textile designs or not. They would probably be better cropped and used as tile designs. I am still experimenting.  I love saturated color.

I have done a video slide presentation that is up on Youtube.com.  It is a little long, and I used a piece of music with a driving rhythm. I see mandalas as being more than just soothing, meditative patterns.  Circles with rays are dynamic (at least I think so) and you can feel that energy.  Here is the link: Pam’s Mandala Video.

So I will be posting these from time to time.  This one is called “Copper Heart.” It was one of the first ones I did.

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