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Mandalas: Turquoise Blossom

I blathered enough in the last post about Mandalas. I mentioned why I do them and how I feel about them.  This one is different because it is blended and looks a bit like an agate  while looking like some strange flower as well. Agates are among the most beautiful of semi-precious stones… in my opinion anyway. Turquoise is my favorite color, so I am particularly fond of this particular mandala. Turquoise Blossom Manda: full view I read a lot on mandala designs and  I still see them slightly differently than the literature explains them.  With design, we all bring our own feelings and ideas into the interaction with the image. Just because I see them as dynamic, doesn’t mean I do find them calming as well.  A circle is nothing if not centered, and the viewer’s eye  always goes to the center of any circular design. No rocket science of big revelation here.

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