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Ring of Fire Mandala

Ring of Fire MandalaJohnny Cash is someone whose music I did not appreciate while growing up. Both my mother and father loved his music and he did have a voice like no one else.  In our house it was all about Country & Western Music, the classics Hank Williams, Hank Snow, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and so on. My mother also adored Elvis, and as a child I was dragged to all of his movies—whether I wanted to go or not.  She never said it, but I do believe Elvis was only second to God or Jesus in our house.

I always secretly loved one Johnny Cash standard, and that would be Ring of Fire, so when this mandala came out the way it did… what else could I call it?

I have matured a bit since my “I hate C&W because my mom loves it” phase. Johnny Cash really had some great songs, and I love his music now—though I will always prefer rock and roll, particularly The Rolling Stones.

  1. Totally fits its name. CW fav stanza: “I pulled the head off Elvis, Filled Fred up to his pelvis, yabadabadoo — the King is Dead and so are you.” Divorce blues. :)K

  2. Oh, wow this is so exciting!

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