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Snowflake Mandala

Snowflake MandalaThis probably wound have been better published in December through maybe the end of February, but I just did this recently. And posting it after Spring Blossom Mandala and Ring of Fire Mandala kind of shows a range.   Snowflakes are beautiful things. Now two are alike… yadda, yadda, yadda.

You know all that stuff and probably have fond memories of  cutting them out with a safety scissors in grammar school. Put most succinctly, I love the colors on this image  and how it looks kind of like a Christmas tree ornament. Blue is my favorite color…  I like the way the white frosty stuff kind of looks like mother-of-pearl. I thought about calling it, “Ice Flower Mandala,” but isn’t that what a snowflake is anyway?

  1. Wonderful, looks like a Fabergé fabulous piece!

  2. ooo pretty. the connecting chains look like little oval opals. Very alive. :)K

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