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Earth Wheel Mandala

Earth Wheel MandalaThere are various New Age products I have seen that call themselves “earth wheels,” and basically they show you the change of the seasons.  They are fun and colorful, and tap into the seasonal cycles. This my version, the Earth Wheel Mandala. It has colors reminiscent of earth, sky and things that look like flowers, seeds, fins and bird feathers.

Earth is more to me than soil. It’s the whole shebang, the entire environment, that Gaia thing. Bring to it what you see.  Half of the fun of doing these is taking an artistic Rorschach Test, playing with the colors and forms and then seeing what I can find in it.  In the end, I don’t know which is more fun: actually making the mandalas or that element of surprise when I see the end result and give a name to it.

  1. There is a third “fun” you are not considering which is the effect on people who see them! I see lots of cicadas, butterflies and flowers, I can almost smell the end of the day. Wonderful Pam, you are a true artist!

  2. I wonder why my comment is still pending here; hope you are working on your next mandala! Just making sure you will present us with another wonderful piece of inspiration.

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