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Other Artwork

Artwork other than mandalas that I have posted to the site. Comments welcome.

Graphic for Front of CelestialPlaces.com website

Celestial Places: full screen imageTentative front page for a site I am developing: www.celestialplaces.com. The idea is to collect different visions of the sacred and the heavens and compile them on one site. This is something I am doing for myself. If anyone else finds it useful, well that is just gravy. If you read this and happen to have an interest in contributing to such a site and/or are an "expert" on something in this area, please contact me. I could use some help in content development. There is a story by Arthur C. Clarke called, The Nine Billion Name of  God. A computer professional is hired by Tibetan monks to help search and compile all the names of god that exist on earth into a single compendium.  The story stuck with me and rooted itself in my imagination.  I read it the first time when I was a freshman in high school.  The ending is a big surprise.  If you are interested, someone actually posted a copy online. See: downlode.org/Etext/nine_billion_names_of_god.html  

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Raven pattern experiment

Custom raven backgroundExperimenting with a textile design. Don't know who would wear it or why, but I love the colors.  It might make a good background on a blog. I have a major thing for ravens and crow. Can't explain it. Just drawn to their lively ways and raucous calls.  The more I learn about them, the more they interest me.  Ravens makes tools and are the smartest bird species.

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