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Here are some links that I find useful for either reference or where I go to get inspiration or to screw around for fun. There are also some friend’s  sites listed. 

Send me suggestions for links if you want. Use the contact form, please.


Cat Colbert: Artist, Writer, and Photographer

Gregory L. Norris: Writer

The Dent Sisters: Roxanne & Karen

Sam Richard: Writer

S.D. Grady: Writer

D.J. Swatski: Writer

Scott T. Goudsward: Writer

Rachel Kenley: Writer

Rowan West: Writer

Tracy L. Carbone: writer


ZeFrank.com: be careful! There are so many cool things here that you can play for hours.

Reference (facts, subjects, research)

NNDB.com: a database of famous people, how they are connected and lots of trivia about their lives.


Writing Related

NANOWRIMO:  National Novel Writing Month. Thing you can write 1,700+ words a day? Try it!

Writers Digest.com


Useful (businesses and products I like, use or would recommend)

Cat’s Eye Portraits:  great place to get memorable photos taken

Grey Gate Media, LLC:  An independent publisher based in Concord, NH. I work for them, so I am biased. Great books!

Scruffy to Fluffy Pet Spa

The Writer’s Scribe: This submission tracking software does so much more than just track submissions.  It is a database of your work, a tutor for your writing, even provides a database of publishers and so much  more.  Highly recommended.