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About me

Kramer Portrait from SeinfeldYou will not see a picture of me on this website. I do let people take pictures of me, but I hardly ever like them. I am getting older (57 this next birthday), don’t like the way I look (flab), have a terrific husband and son and pretty much love my life and most things in it.  We got two puppies three years ago and I am still  in love with both of them. They are good child substitutes to help fight my empty nest syndrome. In the picture, the one the right is Yogi (a shih-poo, half shih-tzu and poodle) and Deacon (maltipoo, half Maltese and poodle). They guys are adorable and easy to live with–no shedding whatsoever, and they clean-up real nice as you can see from this photo taken by their groomers: Scruffy to Fluffy Pet Spa.

The list of things I am interested in is long, weird and takes to long to type out. No doubt over the course of doing this blog, etc. a lot of those interests will come t light  I have a morbid streak and like weird shows like the Science Channel’s Oddites, even though I could not live with the things that people buy in Obscura, the shop in Manhattan featured on the show. I am not a huge fan of pickled specimens or taxidermied animals, but  to paraphrase what  they said of that portrait of Kramer on Seinfeld, “It’s loathsome and perhaps offensive, yet I can’t look away.” I have to get my morbidity fix some way.

I am one of those people who puts my hands over my face, but still looks out through slightly splayed fingers.Deacon and Yogi Yes, I know this is hypocrisy—but I just can’t look at certain things directly. It’s that juvenile, “ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” factor.

Cezanne had a similar problem when painting nudes, he apparently could not look at them straight on.  Full frontal nudity freaked him out,  so all of his nudes are only shown from side or 3/4 view. Now this is something I read about him, and it might not true… so if you know different, feel free to tell me.

Note: I am only comparing myself to Cezanne perceptually, I would kill to paint landscapes or still lives the way he did. My ego hopefully doesn’t take the elevator to the floor of grandiose illusions.